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Infused Honey - Ghost Pepper - Astor Apiaries

Infused Honey - Ghost Pepper

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Our Ghost Pepper Infused Honey is a perfect complement to pizza, ice cream, cheese, and lots of other treats. It will take anything you put it on to the next level.

It starts with a bright sweetness, followed by a satisfying spice that's perfect for enjoying. The spice is mild. It's not so hot that it becomes a spice challenge. We want you to enhance the flavor of any dish you use it on, not burn it down.

This honey is made with our raw NJ Wildflower Honey and Ghost Peppers. That's it. This honey comes in a 12oz jar.

Simply sweet & spicy.

*Due to glass shortages this year, the jar shape may vary but the weight will remain 12oz.

Origin: New Jersey

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Customer Reviews

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Spicy but Kind

This honey is my absolute favorite, and it's the best of all worlds: it gives me the spice kick I crave, but none of the regrets associated with eating spicy things (my body can handle less as I age, alas). This is all the flavor without the pain. I use it with yogurt, pizza, and toast so far, as well as straight from the jar. I'll never be without a jar on hand again.

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