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Whipped Blueberry Blossom Raw Honey

Whipped Blueberry Blossom Raw Honey

Astor Apiaries
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We allow our amazing Blueberry Blossom Raw Honey to finely crystalize, giving it an excellent thick, whipped texture. Let it sit in a cool space and it will thicken even more to a spreadable consistency. Don't want it so thick? Leave it in a warmer location or place the entire jar in a hot water bath to gently melt the honey crystals. Pull it out when you reach your favorite consistency.

Blueberry Blossom is light amber honey that has a full-bodied flavor with a hint of fruitiness. This honey is made from bees that have primarily harvested the pollen from fragrant blueberry blossoms.  It is not blueberry flavored, but has an echo of the blossoms that give it its light hint of fruitiness. This raw honey hasn’t been pasteurized or processed and therefore may not be uniform in color

This honey has a naturally light flavor and is perfect for spreading over baked goods, or even just as a compliment to butter on your favorite bread.   From the comb to your table, it is the perfect natural sweetener for all your baking needs!

Origin: New Jersey

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