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Bee Package Pickup

Bee Package Pickup

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Pickup Day #2 - April 11th, 2020
Each year we make a trip to honey bee supplier Mann Lake in Pennsylvania to pickup honey bees. We also bring back packages for local beekeepers here in NYC. If you are planning to purchase bees for the upcoming season and need them delivered to the city, get in touch!

Mann Lake occasionally changes the date depending on variables like weather or issues from their bee supplier. They usually confirm the date about a week before. Please leave some flexibility in your bee schedule and understand that the final date is out of our control.

To get in on this delivery, you must purchase your Pickup Day #2 bees directly from Mann Lake and list us as the contact person. Email us at immediately for full details before you order.

This pickup day will sell out so do not wait if you need bees and need them delivered.
Packages will be distributed at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn on the pickup day(Saturday) from 1-2pm and in Astoria, Queens on the following day(Sunday) at 10am. Further details will be shared via email.
IMPORTANT: Packages not picked up on either day will be considered abandoned and we will find a home for the bees. You agree to these terms by participating in our delivery. Please make all efforts to pickup your bees or make special arrangements with us prior to the pickup date.

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