March Is Our Clover Raw Honey Sale – Astor Apiaries

March Is Our Clover Raw Honey Sale

Clover Raw Honey Sale at Astor Apiaries

Celebrate the month of March and the arrival of spring by saving some money and helping out honey bee hives around the city. Get a massive 25% off every jar of Clover Raw Honey.

The discount is automatically applied to your Clover Raw Honey. Save even more by selecting "Free Local Pickup". You can then pick up your order the following day at Astoria Park Wine & Spirits. More info on our Free Pickup option here.


How Your Purchase Directly Helps The Bees

As the spring season approaches, we're getting ready by building bee equipment and ordering new bees to replace any hives that didn't make it through the winter. This year we are also beginning a queen rearing program to work toward being a more sustainable apiary by breeding our own bees. All of this takes a significant amount of time and money. This is why 100% of the profits from our springtime honey sales go right back to the bees. By making this reinvestment, we're able to produce and maintain better bees who pollinate and positively impact the surrounding environment.

How Your Purchase Indirectly Benefits Personal or City Green Spaces

If you have a garden or enjoy any of the many public and private green spaces around the city, you're likely to see more flowers, fruits, etc with the presence of honey bees. This is why farmers pay to rent hives from beekeepers to pollinate their crops. If you're growing plants within a mile of our hives, you're probably enjoying the benefits of our local bee populations, for free.

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