Smokin' Comb: An Astor Apiaries & Fifth Hammer Brewery Collaboration

Smokin' Comb: An Astor Apiaries & Fifth Hammer Brewery Collaboration

A few weeks ago we finished up a special collaboration with our friends at Fifth Hammer Brewery.

If you're not familiar with Fifth Hammer... they are a craft brewery located in Long Island City, NY. They specialize in creating small batch brews, most of which you can pick up from or stay and enjoy at their taproom on 46th Ave between 11th St and Vernon Blvd. The selection might seem overwhelming at first, but a quick chat with anyone behind the bar will help you find the perfect, delicious brew for you.

Owners Chris Cuzme and Mary Izett got in touch with Astor Apiaries late last year with an idea about a smoked virtual lager made with honey. They were looking to make it with 100% NY ingredients. Having sourced beech and applewood smoked malts from New York Craft Malt in Batavia, they invited us to put on a honey tasting with a few of our NY honeys. They decided to use a blend of two of our new honeys, NY Buckwheat & NY Fall Wildflower(coming soon).

This January they invited us to visit the brewery and participate in the process. First to create the wort from the mashing process of the malt and hops. Once this fermented for a few days, we returned to help add 15 gallons of honey. Only two weeks later we returned to help them can the finished beer. The yeast they used ferments at a high temp and is very fast compared to other strains. They dubbed the beer Smokin' Comb.

Though I've home-brewed before, it was very exciting to see how it works with commercial equipment and at a much larger scale. Just amazing! One of the cool things about brewing these small batches is that they are able to make a bunch of different kinds of beer. It's really hard not to find something you'll like on their menu.

I look forward to working with Chris and Mary again, and hope you'll go check them out especially if you live in NY. 

To get some cans of Smokin' Comb, visit You can choose from pick up, delivery, or shipping depending on where you live.

Don't wait too long or it will all be gone!

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