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Fermented Garlic Honey


Fermented Garlic Honey is a great condiment to have in your kitchen and it's super simple to make.



  1. Break apart garlic into cloves and peel. You can use the flat side of a knife. Rest it on top of the garlic and hit it with your hand. Be sure not to smash the garlic. Just hit hard enough to loosen the papery peel. It's ok if some of the garlic juice comes out of the cloves.
  2. Fill a sealable glass container 3/4 full of cloves.
  3. Pour in raw honey to cover the cloves. It's ok if they float a bit, but you want to leave that top 1/4 of the container empty to allow for any bubbling during fermentation. Loosely close the container. You can screw on the container cap, but not all the way. You want to leave it loose enough for gases to escape.
  4. Leave your container in a dark, room temperature place. Once a day for the first week, tighten the lid and flip the jar over a few times so everything is well mixed. Always be sure to loosen the lid when you are done so gases can escape.
  5. Leave to ferment for up to a month or until you do not see active fermentation. You can store the finished sauce for up to a year at room temperature.

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