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Hive Tour Information For Attendees

Our main focus is on everyone's safety, so please follow our rules and recommendations so we can all have a great time. If you purchase multiple tickets, you are responsible for sharing this information with your party. By attending the hive tour, you acknowledge that you and your party have read this information and will abide by it.

  • arrive at the apiary site at least 10-15 minutes early to check-in and read/sign a waiver. The tour will start promptly on time so everyone gets plenty of time to be around the hives. There will not be anyone available to direct you to the site or check you in after the tour begins. If you do get lost, please contact us at 201.830.2337 before we start.
  • wear light colors if possible. Optionally you're encouraged to bring a cap or hat with a brim and a hair tie if applicable.
  • wear loose, heavier-weight long pants like jeans with closed shoes and long socks to tuck in pants. Skirts, shorts, or tight-fitting pants like leggings are not recommended. Be prepared to walk on grass and dirt.
  • bring yourself. We will have bee jackets and rubber gloves for your protection. Please let your guide know if you have a latex allergy and we will supply you with nitrile gloves.
  • bring sun/rain protection if you need it.
  • bring whatever you use for stings, just in case (many use Benadryl, and/or ointment). We will have a First Aid Kit available for scrapes or cuts however, we will not administer any medications, including EpiPens. It is your responsibility to care for your specific medicinal needs. 911 will be notified for any emergency medical situations. WE DO NOT CARRY AN EPIPEN.
  • bring your excitement to work with honey bees :)
  • follow all rules and requests from Astor Apiaries staff and our host sites.

  • wear rings, bracelets or anything else that could injure you in case of swelling due to a sting!
  • wear perfumes or any other scented products
You are responsible for all consequences of your participation. Stings from bees or cuts/pinches when moving hive equipment are some risks that go along with beekeeping. Waivers are required for participation. No exceptions.

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