Live Hive at Astor Apiaries

Live Hive at Astor Apiaries

Meet Hive #10

Nestled in the beautiful neighborhood of Forest Hills, Queens, meet Hive #10. This hive, an integral part of our teaching apiary and the Urban Beekeeping Apprenticeship program, is more than just a hive - it's a live classroom.

Home to a thriving colony of Italian Honey Bees, Hive #10 offers valuable insights into the fascinating world of bee behavior and hive dynamics.


Why We Monitor Hive #10

Monitoring with sensors allows us to intimately understand the hive's inner workings without being intrusive. This non-disruptive method yields essential data, helping us make informed decisions that benefit all our hives.

By observing Hive #10, we can infer the conditions of our other hives, given their shared environment, creating a comprehensive outlook of our apiary's health.

Our Monitoring Process

Every 10 to 15 minutes, our BroodMinder devices diligently collect data on internal and external temperatures, as well as hive weight.

These seemingly simple metrics weave complex tales about our hive. Fluctuations can indicate a myriad of scenarios - a queen in distress, an imminent swarm, or even an ongoing honey robbing event. Through consistent monitoring and astute analysis, we can promptly address these events, ensuring the welfare of our bees.

Learn more about BroodMinder Devices here.

Hive Data

Step into our shoes with live hive data from Hive #10! Here, we share data on temperature and weight. Dive into the dynamic world of bees and explore how various factors interact and affect hive health.

How Monitoring Enhances Our Beekeeping

Monitoring Hive #10 provides us with crucial knowledge between our inspections and reduces hive disruptions. With the power of data, we're enabled to make timely, informed decisions that ensure the health of our bees and the productivity of our hives.

Beekeeping is an art enriched by science. Through innovative tools like BroodMinder, we've deepened our connection with our bees, fostering a harmonious environment that lets them thrive.


Join Our Journey

Interested in knowing more about our beekeeping practices or simply fascinated by the world of bees? We invite you to explore our blog, where we delve deeper into our journey with bees.

Beekeeping is more than an occupation - it's a partnership with nature, a dance with insects, and a commitment to the environment. Join us as we unravel this fascinating world, one blog post at a time. Visit our blog.

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