Astor Apiaries - PA Buckwheat Raw Honey
Buckwheat Raw Honey - Astor Apiaries
Buckwheat Raw Honey - Astor Apiaries
Buckwheat Raw Honey - Astor Apiaries

PA Buckwheat Raw Honey

Astor Apiaries
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This beautifully dark honey has a bold flavor and is antioxidant-rich. Its pleasant flavor has notes of chocolate and molasses that linger on the palate after the first scrumptious bite.  Made from bees that have harvested from the hearty and nectar-rich flowers of the buckwheat plant, this honey is a perfect sweetener for baked goods that require a deeper flavor.

The flowers of the buckwheat plant are small and yellow, seemingly made for the honey bees to harvest from.  The honey is a product of true symbiosis between insect and plant!

Origin: Pennsylvania

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A Winner!

Definitely the best I’ve had! Tried a couple of brands prior to being introduced to Astor Apiaries. Bold color, rich flavor without the stigma of ‘sweetness’ usually attached to honey.

Catherine Lewandowski
It's a keeper!!

I had heard that buckwheat honey was good for diabetics. This is one reason why I purchased from them. Never had it before. Now I am addicted to it. It's not as sweet as the other honeys. It has a good flavor to it. They are a keeper in my books!!

Joe F.
Not going back to other blends.

IMHO, the texture and flavor of the buckwheat surpasses other choices. The "tartness" gives a new dimension to honey consumption.

Worth Trying.

Dark deep color with a bold flavor

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